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Toshiba Satellite Z930 reset — HOWTO

My toshiba satellite Z930 will not come out of hibernation.

Resolved Question:

My toshiba satellite Z930 will not come out of hibernation. I press and hold the power button to turn the laptop off but it does not power off completely but goes to sleep with the power light flashing orange. Pressing the power button again gives a black screen with the white cursor and nothing more
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  jctservice replied 1 year ago.
jctservice :Hi there! I’m Joey, and I’m happy to assist you today!

jctservice :To confirm, does that laptop have a removable battery?

Customer: Hi Joey, thanks for taking my answer
jctservice :you are welcome, I’ll do my best to get you going again!

Customer: The battery is sealed within the machine
Customer: The battery is sealed within the machine
and is not externally accessible
jctservice :ok, that’s what i thought. Usually the fix for this involves removing the battery — but let me find the proper procedure for a reset on that model, just a moment

Customer: thanks !
jctservice :Ok, on that particular laptop, lets try this:

Press and hold both the POWER button, and the PRESENTATION button (2nd button to the right of power) for 10-15 seconds until you see the DC-IN light flash off for a moment, then release both buttons

jctservice : 

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Holly Welch – LinkedIn

Holly Welch – LinkedIn.

Holly did a great job on our website, which will be live soon.