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Cat Power – Tomcat on Server 2008 Core with IIS7 – jorkeo – hosting geek – Site Home – TechNet Blogs.

Might one be able to combine Tomcat under IIS (on 2k8 Server Core) together with Guacamole and some VNC server (like UltraVNC) and some basic connection broker logic to create a VDI solution which is accessible from literally any browser that supports HTML5, period. And yes, that would naturally include your iPad, for those of you maybe chomping at the bit to use said device to enable remote desktop access.

Googles New OS Will Offer Remote Desktop Capabilities.

In the bridge between the old world and new, even Google are tipping their hat to the hosted desktop model we’re soon to launch with Heritage Legal Technologies.

Opensolaris – ZFS recovery after kernel panic | Daz’s bits and bobs.

Possibly key lead on zpool recovery…

OpenSolaris Forums : zpool import hangs indefinitely (retry ….

Message to OpenSolaris community about failed zpool import

Utility Spotlight: Screenrecorder

Utility Spotlight: Screenrecorder.

Real good stuff for debugging issues in non real time as your users encounter them. They can them submit these recordings for analysis.



One of the challenges with thinly provisioned volumes in ZFS is that they grow somewhat unabated as files are deleted and as the disk generally fragments; ZFS doesn’t have any meta awareness of the NTFS filesystem which is living on the thinly provisioned volume and which is made available through COMSTAR iSCSI. One of the possible remedies is to run a tool like Eraser, which has an option to write binary zeros to the ununsed space on an NTFS volume. Once the space is zeroed, either ZFS compression will efficiently reduce the occupied size — or so the theory goes.

Little Notes: Amanda: simple ZFS backup or S3.

How cool is this?

The WDHOOK.INI file in the Worldox directory must include changes to the macro required to shift focus back to the parent ‘Save As’ dialogue box, once the profile card has been filled out (we are using Adobe 9, which is controlled by the settings for Adobe 8 in the following section of the WDHOOK.INI file):

[Adobe 8.0 Reader!Save As]
Title=Adobe Reader- Save As

Windows Server 2008 ADPREP

Windows Server 2008 ADPREP.

We’re planning to upgrade our existing 2003 Server AD as described here, so that we can then add a read only 2008 R2 AD DC. Based on the wording in the article, it appears we may first need a non read-only 2008 Server based DC in the domain before we’re able to add a read-only copy. It was our original intent to add the single RO 2008 Server based DC to the existing single 2003 Server forest root DC.

Enable CPU Core Parking

Enable CPU Core Parking.

How to enable CPU core parking under R2.